Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Magic number for a Gangbang.

Gang-bang is a concept that came into popularity through the Japanese porn. They named the act "Bukkake", where a group of men fuck a single woman and ejaculate into a cup and the woman drinks the semen collected in the cup and ends the act. Even in ancient Hindu and Indian art, references to a woman being fucked by multiple men have been made. Gang-bang is a must have experience for the sexually inquisitive lady. Imagine a lady surrounded by a group of hungry men, all raging to fuck her and she is the center of attraction. She can be viewed as a sex goddess who is fulfilling the prayers of multiple men with her divine body.

As a matter of fact, women can orgasm multiple times and can enjoy sexual pleasure for extended amounts of time when compared to men. It is often subject to doubt if one man can adequately fuck a woman. Hence the concept of gangbang came in where a single woman's overflowing sexual juices can be enjoyed by many men at the same time.

So what is right number of men for a single woman? Well, it shouldn't be too crowded or too sparse. We don't want men waiting for their turn or the woman not entire occupied. I would say that the ideal number of men on a single woman is 7. The number 7 is considered lucky in many religions and across the world, and in this case too, it is the ideal number. Here's how the rules are:

1) Men must change positions in a circular order every 5 minutes.
2) The woman's position must be changes every 15. For example, bending over, standing up, or held in the air by men.
3) The magic number 7 must take the below positions:
  • One man must actively fuck the woman's mouth with his dick.
  • Two men must press, pull, pinch and bite her tits - one breast for each man.
  • Two men's dicks must be stroked by the woman. The men must tightly slap the woman if she fails to do so, to remind her of her duty.
  • One man must fuck her pussy.
  • One man must fuck her ass.
4) This can be done in teams of 7, with every team fucking the woman for 70 minutes.
5) Once a team decides to finish the session, all the men must ejaculate into the woman's mouth. She must swallow all the semen completely and cleanly, else she will be caned on her bare naked ass.

Given the above ground rules, a successful gang-bang would last a minimum of 2 hours and leave the woman's pussy sore. It is ideal if she passes out. That must signify the end of the Marathon-Bang. The woman is said to be fucked well, if she is so abused that she can't even walk properly for the coming 2-3 days.

How much Sex to fill your Wife?

Historically, women have been portrayed as sex objects. Some communities even went to the extent of putting up hijabs to keeps their women out of the lustful eyes of other men. No matter how many feminists fight that women are more than sex objects, it remains without dispute that their primary function, in their youth is to satisfy the men. Moreover, women derive more pleasure in a sexual intercourse than a man and they have more number of pleasure points on their bodies. It can be said that women's bodies are filled with sexual juice from top to bottom. The nipples, waist, navel, clitoris, vagina, throat, thighs, buttocks, anus - to name a few - are the points overflowing with this sexual juice. And, it is the man's duty to devour this juice and keep his wife adequately satisfied with her sexuality and to keep her reminded that she is his sex slave.

Ideally, a man must fuck his wife at least thrice every day. It is his duty to fill her three holes with his tool and fulfill his duty towards her. The man must ejaculate in his wife's mouth before she starts her day. It is this part of her body which deserves the maximum amount of cum. The woman must swallow the cum entirely as a mark of submission to her lord - her husband. The other hole of the woman, a man has his duty to fill is her asshole. Fucking a woman in her ass can give her pain. But there is no pleasure without pain. The man should fuck his wife without mercy in her ass and continue to exert his influence on her and to remind her of her status as his sexual slave for the rest of her day, with that pain. Finally, and most importantly, the man must fuck his wife's vagina. He must strive to give her the maximum pleasure when he does this.  Filling the above three holes of a woman completes a man's duty.

There is another important question that needs to be addressed. When must you fuck your wife. A day has 24 hours and you can divide these 24 hours into three intervals of 8 hours duration. Once, before you go to bed, a soon as you wake up or in the bath, and once when you return from work. Ejaculate in her mouth in the morning, her vagina in the evening and her anus before you sleep. This routine has its philosophical value. The ejaculating in her mouth in the morning, starts the woman's day with a warm shot of her husband's semen. Fucking her vagina for an adequate duration in the evening give her immense sexual pleasure and keeps your time with her intimate and happy for the rest of the day. Most importantly, fuck her asshole in the night, before she sleeps, this little dose of pain would remind her that she is your slave and that she cannot fantasize other men when she sleeps. Make sure that you deliver most cum in her mouth during the morning.

This is the minimum rule to fuck your wife. If you have more capacity and time, you must fuck her more than thrice and experiment more.

- I fucked my wife 12 times in a span of 24 hours, once. I would describe fucking once as an ejaculation. Even today, I make sure she starts her day with my semen in her mouth.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Did you lick her navel?

Woman's body is probably what can be described as heaven on earth. Every part of her is special indeed! But the most special thing about a woman's body is her navel or belly button. It is erotic, sensuous and yet can be displayed in public. Here are some tips for both boys and girls on how to make the most out of this wonderful spot.

Tips for the guy:

  • Try surprising the girl you are going out with or your wife by directly starting to lick her navel as soon as you find a private spot. She would really enjoy this surprise pampering of her navel.
  • Best time to gift her this surprise is when she is wearing a saree or a top which can be lifted off easily.
  • People usually start their making out/love making sessions with a kiss, but you can give this routine a change by starting off at her navel.
  • You can use an ice-cube or a melting chocolate to spice things up.
  • You can also lay your girl/wife flat on a bed, pour some honey in her navel and then lick it off.
  • You could also surprise your wife when she comes to wave you goodbye to office with a goodbye kiss on her navel at the door.
Tips for the girl: 
  • Getting some tongue inside your navel is a very arousing feeling, you must try it.
  • Some guys like and some others don't like piercings/tattoos. You can take your guy's sexual preferences before doing these spicy things on your navel. A guy like me can fuck you eight times a day just for that sun tattoo around your navel. It can be worth it!
  • If your guy is in the middle of kissing your tummy area, you can firmly guide him to your navel and push his head into your navel. This can convey to him that you want to be licked in there. Besides, nothing is more sexier to a guy than a girl who knows her sexuality.

If you want more advice on navel awesomeness, do write to me or post a comment here.
Navel Addict.
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